HoiAn Aodai Rental.
HoiAn AoDai Rental.

HoiAn AoDai Rental-Full Day Experience


  • HoiAn AoDai Rental is the best experience to save your memory in Vietnam.
  • Blend in the crowd and dress up in Vietnamese traditional costume in Hoi An!
  • Choose from an impressive selection of stylish Ao Dais for women and men
  • Strike a pose as you capture the beauty of Hoi An’s eclectic ancient town
  • An English speaking staff is there to help you find the perfect outfit.
  • Help your children and seniors save great memory when they travel to Vietnam.

*What You Expect:

 -Ao Dai is a traditional Vietnamese long gown for men and women alike, with varying degrees of colors and designs and is especially worn at weddings and engagements. Nowadays, Ao Dai is seen as uniforms in major offices, airlines, shops, and schools, keeping the tradition well and alive in commemoration of Vietnamese pride. If you’re looking to experience authenticity in Hoi An, an Ao Dai rental service has got you covered! Explore the city wearing these lovely garments for one whole day and enjoy an exclusive photo shoot in the ancient town. Strike your best pose against eclectic backdrops of cozy, old-fashioned cafés, indigenous restaurants, and an unforgettable street plan reflecting native and foreign influences dating from the 15th to 19th century.

-Book now and experience more cultural activities in Vietnam with us!


Walk the streets of Hoi An in a stylish AoDai


Strike your best pose as you strut your traditional, gorgeous gowns


Blend into the ancient backdrop of the old-fashioned city to capture more vintage moments.

* AoDai Rental Information:

  • Opening hours: 8:00.am-5:00.pm
  • Please indicate your reservation time for pick up for us to standby AoDai for own your size when you book with us.
  • Important: You will be asked to leave VND500,000.vnd deposit to the operator. If everything is in order, you will be refunded VND500,000 of your full deposit upon its return.
  • Please note:Your Aodai rental is 24 hours and when you finish rental,you just leave at your hotel and inform us then we come to pick up and return your deposit.We are offering various Aodai rental and Conical hat for children from 5-11 years old,teenagers,adult and seniors.
  • Our Location:Hung Le Travel Co.,ltd- 07 Tran Quoc Toan, Cam An Ward,Hoi An.Please inform us:+84905868701(WhatsApp)-Mr.Vinh when you arrive for us to welcome you.


  • 10 USD/Set(AoDai & Conical Hat).
  • Children,teenager are same price with adult.

*Cancellation Policy:

  • Fully charged if cancellation is less than 24 hours prior pick up time.