Hoian Countryside Explorer-Part 1

Visit some of the best villages surrounding Hoian like Cam Kim Village,Kim Bong Wood Village,Coconut Forest etc.You also practice some local activities like mat weaving, coconut basket boat riding,etc.This is our famous tour activities in Hoian so far.

 The experience and expect:

- Highlights -
1.Experience the amazing feelings on the back of the motorbikes  in Vietnam.

2.Explore the countryside life style,culture,food,and custome of loca people.

3.Our Aodai sisters in Aodai(Vietnamese traditional dress) as your personal rider and guide in English speaking.

4.This is private tour with one by one take care from our Aodai riders to bring the most memorable time to you as well as the highest level of privacy and safety.

5.Pracice to do some some  local activities like wet-rice paper making,farming,basket boat riding,etc.
6.Visiting peaceful villages surrounding Hoian like Carpentry Village,Cam Kim Village,Coconut Village.
-Important Information-

*Pick Up Time: From 9.am or 2.pm daily at the hotel.

*Tour Start Time:9.15.am or 2.15.pm(15 minutes after the pick up time)

*Duration: 4 Hours.

*Meeting Point:Pick up at your hotel or 07,Tran Quoc Toan,Hoian

*Returning Point:Drop off at your hotel or 07,Tran Quoc Toan,Hoian.

*Private Tour.

-Our Aodai riders and guides pick you up at your hotel and take you to explore the  most beautiful villages surrounding Hoian as belows;

1.Cam Kim Village.

Cam Kim located away Hoian 5 kms  is a scenic rural island that is almost entirely free of tourists. This pleasant ride gives you a fantastic sampling of the countryside of Vietnam meandering through stunning rural scenes, rice paddies with water buffalo, villages, and local life. This aims to offer unusual tours with memories which will remain with you forever. Our tour experiences are heightened by the absence of souvenir sellers along the route so that all you see are the REAL friendly Vietnamese faces. It is truly local culture explore here.

2.Kim Bong Wood Village

It is located southwardly in front of Hoi An Ancient Town on Thu Bon River; it belongs to Cam Kim commune, Hoi An city, Quang Nam province. With more than 600 years old, this village is a famous brand about woodwork of Hoi An.

Nowadays, Kim Bong wood village mainly focus on manufacturing the small boat on the river; fine arts for example wooden statue, decoration and daily tools to service tourism instead of building house and making big boats…The woodwork of Kim Bong village is skilful and sold in Hoi An Ancient Town. There are many sudden inspiration products made from tree root. The daily tools such as wooden chopsticks, spoons… are also clever. The carpenters of this village made a lot of houses, pagoda with original architecture…in Hoi An ancient town by their skilful hands. This center of trading port was settled by many foreigner traders so it helped carpentry in Kim Bong village inherit the making boat technique of Cham people, acquire the belief- civil architecture and family utensils of Chinese, Japanese…These factors are harmonious together to create a special style for carpentry here.

There are nearly 1000 families in this famous wood village which happening the wood sculpture activities, produce civil woodwork, building house…The Kim Bong village wood-worker also have a part in protecting, restoring and embellish the monument of Hoi An Ancient Town .

3.Coconut Forest:

Coconut forest is around 20 ha of water forest in areas, it is far from Hoi An ancient town about 3km in the east and locates in Cam Thanh village. Here has been become a tourist destination as well as interesting experiences for the traveler whoever wants to discover new place.

It’s also the “lung” of Hoi An ancient town and another near areas. This forest is original salt-marsh ecological area with poetic scenery and the brackish flora and fauna is also so abundant. Here is the residence of many kinds of marine animals such as shrimp, crap…and mollusk. This salt-marsh ecosystem is also a biological filter machine; it accumulates and decomposes waste to make water source clean before flowing into the beach.

Nature and people here always have intimate connection. When visitor travel here, the local people will become the tourist owners. Arrive here, tourist will have chance to discover the nature, learn about the daily life of farmers and fishers, join in activities for example boat race, visit coconut forest, grow-rice, spread a net, taste the fresh sea-foods on the boat, survey the beautiful view… The small boats bring visitors float under the coconut leaf canopy to enjoy the green and boundless space of water coconut trees; it seemed make all pressure of busy life disappear to prepare energy for a new day.

-Specially, at the end of the tour, we offer you one of best local dish in Hoian with us.

*Tour Price:

37 Usd/Guest.

Children under 3 years old are complimentary.

Children from 4-11 years old are half price with adult

Children upper 11 years old are the same price with adult.

*Tour Included:

-Personal English speaking rider and guide.

-Enjoy one of the best local foods in Hoian.

-Enjoy one of bottle of local beer or soft drink. .

-Entrance tickets to visit all places.

-Cold water during the tour.

-Free pick up and drop off for the guests stay in Hoian.

*Tour Excluded:

Personal Expenses.

Personal Tip.

*Tour Note:

Guests stay at Four Season Resort and Le Belhamy Hoian Beach Resort,we apply surcharge 7 USD/guets for pick up and return.

Guest can meet us at our office:07,Tran Quoc Toan,Hoian.