Hoi An Adventurous Foods
Hoi An Adventurous Street Foods

Hoi An Adventurous Street Foods Experience-Walking Tour

Hoi An Adventurous Street Foods Experience-Walking Tour


  • Taste up 8-11 adventurous street foods of Hoi An, at 5 food stops as your fully delicious lunch or dinner.
  • Discover all the delicious dishes that you never see before or you can not name in English.
  • You will learn how to make for each local dishes with your eyes and taste it right a way.
  • Guided by a charming Aodai sister with master local knowledge and professional English speaking.
  • Discover some hidden sights like water well,temples,pagoda not listed in the guide books.
Hoi An Adventurous Street Foods

Hoi An Adventurous Street Foods

*What you expect:

Vietnam is a paradise of foods in which Hoi An’s local foods city is the heart of Vietnamese cuisines because its owned flavors and fresh ingredients with amazing tasty.

Let join in the tour with our Aodai sister as your local food guide to Hoi An Adventurous Street Foods Experience that you never know before or you can not name them in English.You will learn the process of cooking of these unique dishes and you taste it right away.Ready for taste up various adventurous dishes are waiting for you at many food stops when we walk with you in places by places including local market.

Here are the samples of Hoi An Adventurous Street Foods Experience that tailor your experience with our Chef:

1.Hoi An Sticky Rice.

Hoi An Adventurous Foods

2.Banh Bot Loc(rice cake with prawn).

3.Banh Nam(rice cakes with mushroom in banana leave).

Hoi An Adventurous Foods

4.Banh Beo(Small bowl cakes).

Hoi An Adventurous Foods

5.Grilled Fresh Corn with Garlic and Peanut Oil.

Hoi An Adventurous Foods

6.Bun Mam(Vermicelli Noodles with Fishing pasta).

8.Ball cakes sweet soup:

Hoi An Adventurous Foods

9.Banh My(Vietnam baguette).

Hoi An adventurous street foods

10.Pizza Vietnam.

11.Hoi An Herbal tea:

Hoi An Adventurous Foods


Duration:3-4 hours.

Daily start:Any time between 8.am to 6.pm.

  • Tour start in 10 minutes after meeting with our Aodai sister.
  • Taste 1-2 different dishes at first stop.
  • Visit local market.
  • Try another 2-3 flavors at second stop.
  • Walk to hidden alleys inside the town.
  • Discover next 2-3 different dishes at third stop.
  • Hang out along the river for for photos.
  • Have 1-2 various flavors at fourth stop.
  • Visit some hidden pagodas and temples not in guide books.
  • Taste another 1-2 amazing dishes at fifth stop.

*Tour Price:

  • 29 USD/Guest(Adult/Youth).
  • 20 USD/Children.
  • Free of charge for the infants( under 3 years old).

*Tour Inclusive:

  • Professional English speaking Aodai guide.
  • Taste up 8-11 local dishes at 5 main food stops.
  • Local gift.
  • Insurance provided by the operator.

*Tour Exclusive:

  • Other personal expenses.
  • Tips and gratuities (optional).
  • Pick up and drop off.

*Tour Note: